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  • Who needs a Kidney transplant?
    A kidney transplant is meant for those patients who are on dialysis and are suffering from ESRD or End Stage Renal Disease. Any patient who needs to undergo regular dialysis can go for a kidney transplant for a better and sustainable solution.  
  • How long will I be able to live after the Kidney Transplant?
    Life of the patient after kidney transplant depends on upon many factors. Some of these factors and related living period are discussed below –
    If the kidney is received from a living donor and is a perfect match, then the patient can live for 15 years or more after the transplant.

    If the kidney is received from the deceased donor, then the life after transplant is less as compared to the life in living donor case.
    If transplanted kidney gets rejected by the patient’s body, then he or she needs to come back again to dialysis immediately and wait for another transplant.

  • How much pain is there after the transplant?
    The pain is severe during the first few days after the transplant, but patients are provided with proper medications to cope up with the same. As time passes, wounds start healing resulting in reduced and then no pain at all.

  • How long will it take to recuperate from the surgery?
    In most of the cases, patients are discharged after 15 days of the surgery. After that, the patient needs to visit the hospital frequently and at regular intervals for around 2 months. The overall recovery period is around 6 months and after that time, the patient can resume a normal life. 
  • Will I be able to consume Alcohol after the transplant?
    No. Patients are advised to quit Alcohol and smoking after the transplant. If patients cannot quit the same completely, they have to extremely minimize the consumption of alcohol and tobacco after the transplant to make it a success.  

  • Will I be able to enjoy a normal sexual life after the transplant?
    Kidney transplant usually improves patient’s sexual life as compared to the one he or she used to experience while being on dialysis. Kidney transplant helps the body function better than before. Moreover, the energy levels in the patient are drastically improved after the transplant.

  • What type of side effects I will experience from the medication and how to manage them?
    Usually post-transplant medications and immunosuppressant have side effects. Patient’s immune system becomes weaker as compared to the pre-surgery stage. Initially, the dosage of medicines remains high, but it gradually reduces with recovery and time. So these side effects are temporary if taken care of properly.

  • Can my Kidney Disease relapse after the transplant?
    There are chances of kidney diseases relapsing after the transplant. But this can be successfully avoided by being under proper medical guidance and following your doctor’s suggestions.

  • How will my quality of life be affected by the Transplant?
    Kidney transplant leads to a much better life than before. Dialysis is a continual and tiring process. Kidney transplant grants freedom to the patient from dialysis process. Moreover, after the recovery period, the patient will be able to live normally. 

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