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Pre Transplant Evaluation

Who requires Kidney Transplant
Recent years have seen a significant increase in renal failure cases leading to multiplied candidacy for a kidney transplant. Increased requests of kidney transplantation have resulted in strict conditions that need to be fulfilled for a patient to be eligible for a kidney transplant. Some of these circumstances are listed below -   

  • Patients suffering from End Stage Renal Disease i.e. ESRD for a considerable period of time
  • Patients who have limited life expectancy of few years only
  • No other treatment has been able to improve patient’s health
  • Kidney transplant is the only option to help patient survive
  • The quality of life of the patient has deteriorated significantly, leaving no other choice besides transplant.

Pre-Transplant Evaluation
These tests are performed to determine whether the patient would be able to handle the complications during and after the transplant and to collect other information needed to operate on the patient. Some of the tests and evaluations that are conducted over a period of several weeks or months before transplant surgery are as follows –

  • Imaging tests: - Imaging tests, mainly the x-rays along with ultrasound and CT scan, are conducted of the patient’s abdominal region.
  • Laboratory tests: - a large number of laboratory tests and evaluations are conducted for keeping an eye on patient’s health. Major laboratory tests include blood tests, tests for any viral or bacterial diseases and urine tests.
  • Tissue Typing and Blood Typing: - Specific tests are conducted under strict supervision to match the tissue type of donor and receiver of to be transplanted kidney so that the patient’s body does not reject kidney after transplantation.
  • Crossmatch: - Crossmatch test is conducted to ensure that the receiver’s body does not destroy transplanted kidney by mistaking it as the foreign element.
  • Skin Tests: - Several tests are examining the skin of the donor as well as the receiver are done to check for the infections.
  • Heart Tests: - Various heart tests, such as Echocardiogram, ECG, Electrocardiogram, Cardiac Catheterization are done to ensure that patient owns the healthy cardiovascular system that can undertake the stress of the transplant.
  • General Health Exam: - Patient also needs to undergo a general health exam which involves checking blood pressure, blood glucose levels, etc. along with total blood count, colonoscopy, and cancer screening tests, to determine their overall health.
  • Nutrition counseling: - is done to gauge their nutritional habits and then recommend the required diet and nutrition plan before and after the transplant.
  • Psychological Consultation: - Patient is provided with a psychological consultation so that he or she can comprehend the implications of the transplant and be ready to handle the stress. 
  • Addiction counseling: - Addiction counseling is done for those candidates who suffer from the habits of smoking, alcohol abuse or drug intake, etc. to prepare them for life after transplant. 

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