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Types of Kidney Surgery
Depending upon the kind of kidney donor, kidney transplant is categorized into following two categories–

  • The Living Donor
    The first type of kidney transplant involves receiving a kidney from a living donor. Usually, human beings are born with two kidneys and if both the kidneys of an individual are absolutely healthy, he or she can donate one of them and can lead a healthy and happy life with one kidney itself. In the case of a living donor, usually patient’s close relatives and friends are the kidney donors. Sometimes, people also donate their one kidney to strangers to help them live, on compassionate grounds.

  • Deceased Donor
    The second type of kidney transplant involves kidney received from a deceased donor. A deceased donor is referred to an individual who is brain-dead and whose kidney can be transplanted to some other individual with his or her permission (received while he or she was alive and in his or her senses) or family’s permission. After permission of kidney donation is granted, the organ is removed from the deceased donor’s body and is kept in appropriate conditions to ensure proper oxygen and nutrition supply till transplanted into recipient’s body.

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