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Types of Lung Transplant Surgery
Depending on the number of lungs to be transplanted into the patient, lung transplant is categorized into the following types -

Lobe transplant 
Lobe transplant is the lung transplantation procedure in which the patient receives lung lobes from two different donors. This procedure involves the removal of a lower lobe of right lung from one of the donors and lower lobe of left lung from the second donor. Both lungs of the patient are then removed and replaced by the lung lobes received from the donors. The entire procedure requires a single surgery. This type of lung transplantation is mainly helpful when the patient is suffering from cystic fibrosis.

Single Lung Transplant 
In this kind of lung transplantation, damaged lung of the patient is replaced by one healthy lung donated by a living or deceased donor. This type of lung transplant surgery is beneficial in treating pulmonary fibrosis. It is not suitable for the patients who are suffering from cystic fibrosis since there are chances of spreading infection from the remaining lung to the transplanted lung.   

Double Lung Transplant
Used for treating COPD and cystic fibrosis, a double lung transplant is the lung transplantation procedure in which both the lungs of the patient are replaced by the donated lungs.

Heart Lung Transplant
A heart lung transplant is a surgical process in which both lungs along with the heart are replaced by the healthy and disease-free organs received from the donor. It is best for those who suffer from severe pulmonary hypertension.   


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