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Heart Transplantation Procedure

A heart transplant procedure takes about 4 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. As the heart can not be removed from a living person, as such the donor has to be declared brain dead for the heart to be eligible for transplantation. The process involves the removing of the diseased heart and the donor heart being sewn into its place where it starts beating once the blood flow is restored. Sometimes, an electric shock may be necessary to make the new heart beat properly.

The surgery can be either Open Heart Surgery or Beating Heart Surgery, the difference between the two being the use of the Heart-Lung Bypass Machine.

In the traditional Open Heart Surgery procedure, the patient is anesthetized, and all his blood is bypassed through the Heart Lung Machine in order to maintain the oxygenation level in the blood as well as to ensure that there is proper blood supply to all the vital organs during the surgery.

The Beating Heart Surgery is a new technique where the blood is not bypassed, and the heart is operated while it is still beating. Though this procedure is difficult, it avoids complications which might arise during the usage of the Heart-Lung Bypass Machine.


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