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Pre Transplant Evaluation

Pre-Transplant Evaluation
Preparing for the surgery involves discussing the health of the candidate and his desires and lifestyle by the dermatologist or the plastic surgeon.

  • Scalp Analysis- Pre-operative examination includes analyzing the patient’s scalp. The surgeon also discusses preferences, expectations and the desired outcome with the patient.
  • In-depth counseling- The risks associated and how much benefit can be reaped with the hair transplant is also explained to the patient. The surgeons advise them about the best approach and the results to be expected.
  • Medical History Analysis - The surgeon makes an in-depth probe into the patient’s medical condition and treatment, drug allergies, current medications and herbal supplements and vitamins being taken, if any.
  • General Health Check Up: - The surgeon will evaluate the general health of the candidate and also any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors.
  • Folliscopy - is a procedure that is done as pre-operative, helps to know the existing density of the hair. This helps to accurately assess the post-operative results of the hair which are newly transplanted.
  • Lifestyle Counseling: - Several days prior to the surgery, patients have to refrain from taking medicines which might lead to intra-operative bleeding and also result in a bad grafting. They have to abstain from smoking and alcohol which contributes to poor graft survival.

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