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  • What are the causes of hair loss?
    The primary cause of hair loss in men is hereditary which results in receding hairlines and a balding scalp. Androgenetic Alopecia, a common male pattern baldness in which the male hormone dihydrotestosterone plays a vital role in influencing hereditary baldness. Female pattern baldness is rare, and one of the main reasons for hair loss and thinning in women is due to changes in a women’s health including hormonal changes which occur during menopause. Accidents, disease, burns and a few medical treatments can also be causes for loss of hair.
  • What is hair transplant surgery?
    Hair transplantation is a process in which the bald resistant hair follicles located at the back of the head, acknowledged as the donor site, are relocated to the balding areas which are known as recipient sites. Since the relocated hair follicles are resistant to baldness, hair transplantation works for a lifetime and provides a permanent solution to hair loss.
  • How many hair / grafts will I need?
    The amount of grafts that you will require will be determined by the degree of your hair loss and how thick you want your new hair to be.
  • After the completion of the hair transplant, what will my donor area look like?
    After the donor grafts are obtained, the area is sutured, and only a fine line is left. The area heals well and remains undetected even during physical activities such as swimming.
  • How much time is required for one session?
    The process of creating individual grafts by magnification with a microscope – microscopic dissection, is a time-consuming process. The hair plantation procedure may take 6 – 10 hours. The time depends on the amount of work that has to be done. It also depends on how thoroughly you have followed the pre-operative instructions given by the surgeon. But, it is best to plan to spend the day at the surgeons on the day of the hair transplantation surgery.
  • Will my hair transplant be evident?
    Your recipient area immediately after the surgery will be typically pink with scab formation around the hundreds of micro-incisions, which will heal rapidly within a week or ten days. So, during the first few days, the hair transplants will be noticeable in case there in no previous hair which can mask these scabs which are only temporary. But, once the transplanted hair grows out, you will have a natural look even under careful examination.
  • When will the newly transplanted hair growth start?
    The hair follicles normally take three to five months post surgery before they begin to grow. Initially, the growth is thin but gradually with time the growth becomes thicker and fuller. After a year the transplanted hair matures fully and continues to grow for life.
  • Are the results of a hair transplant permanent?
    ‚ÄčThe hair follicles which are transplanted to the recipient site are genetically resistant to balding and hence, will continue to grow for life-giving an ongoing growth of full thick hair.
  • Does the surgery take long? How long is the recovery time?
    Hair transplantation is a safe, routine outpatient procedure which means you can go home the very same day as the surgery. The procedure itself takes 6 – 10 hours and many patients return to work the next day. The redness after an FUE procedure subsides in about a week.
  • How will I look after FUE?
    There may be some scabbing and redness for a few days following the procedure. These will be seen in the recipient sites. But as the hair transplants grow, you will have a full and natural head of hair within 9 – 12 months.


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