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Skin Transplant

What is Skin?
Skin is the outermost covering of the human body. It is the largest organ of human body and consists of multiple layers of ectodermic tissues. Skin is amongst the most vital parts of human body as it protects the underlying bones, muscles, ligaments and other internal organs from any kind of external damage. Being the outermost layer covering all other organs, the skin provides high immunity to humans by protecting them against excessive water loss and pathogens. Other functions of skin include temperature regulation, insulation, synthesis of Vitamin D, protection of Vitamin B folates and sensation.  


Why is Skin Transplant required?
Skin transplantation, also known as skin grafting, is needed for a number of medical conditions. Some of the medical issues requiring skin transplantation are discussed below –

  • Skin Infection – Sometimes people may encounter significant skin loss due to some infection. In such cases, skin transplantation is quite beneficial.
  • Burns – Severe burns cause extensive loss to human skin. To get rid of burned skin, skin grafting is the best option available.
  • Skin Cancer – People are suffering from skin cancer also benefit from skin grafting.
  • Very large wounds – Very large wounds usually lead to skin loss from the wound site; so in such cases, skin grafting can be used very efficiently to cover it up.

Transplant Procedure
For skin transplant procedure, surgeons conduct various tests before and after the procedure. Also, skin grafting is a severe medical treatment and is provided to only those patients whose condition cannot be improved by medications or alternative techniques.

Skin transplant is one of the major medical treatments, and one must go for this only if he or she really needs it. The skin transplantation procedure starts by giving anesthesia to the patient. The surgeon will then remove the skin from the donor site of patient’s body. Depending upon the kind of skin transplant, the surgeon takes out the skin from different locations in the patient’s body. Once the surgeon has got the skin, they will place it carefully at the desired location with the help of surgical dressing, stitches or switches.

Skin transplantation is really a very beneficial medical procedure. A large number of patients got to enjoy their life as good as ever before with the help of skin grafting. There are times when patients feel low due to their damaged skin and want it to improve at all costs. Skin grafting makes such patients’ dreams come true and blesses them with a new life. Skin transplantation enjoys various advantages over other prevalent treatment methods, such as: -

  • It gives back the immunity to the body and other internal organs
  • It improves the confidence of the individual.
  • It significantly improves the quality of life.

Post-Transplant Care
Generally, the patients who undergo skin transplantation needs to stay in the hospital for around 7 to 14 days. Most of the times, patients need to spend first 4 to 5 days in ICU after the transplant surgery. Patients should also change their dressings appropriately and regularly after the transplant surgery. The patient should take all his or her medications on time to ensure early recovery. 

Follow Up
Patients who undergo skin transplantation are required to visit the hospital regularly after the surgical process. Regular visits to the hospital save patients from infections and other similar issues related to skin. Moreover, being in regular contact with the doctor after skin grafting surgery speeds up the recovery process. The doctors may revise patient’s diet plan, his or her medications in subsequent visits allowing him or her to recover thoroughly.   


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