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Testis Transplant

What is Testis?
Testes (singular is testis) belong to both endocrine system and reproductive system of human body. These are an important organ of the reproductive system in males and are known to possess the glands producing testosterone and sperms. Composed of continuous connective tissues, testes rest in the scrotum hanging outside the body. The connective tissue that forms testes contains about 300 internal compartments called as lobules. Each of these lobules is a site for sperm production in males. Sperms are produced in coiled, tiny tubules that lie within lobules.      

Why is Testis removed?
Testicles are one of the most sensitive organs in males and thus require utmost care. The testicle transplant can be the result of any malfunctioning of testes due to one or the other reason. Mainly, people need to go for Testes transplant in below mentioned situations –

  • Damaged Testes – Testes are quite sensitive and can get damaged due to some minor or major accidents. Such damages leave testes with the inability to produce sperms and hence further effects the personal life of the individual.  
  • Testes Cancer – Although rare but testes cancer does exist and mainly occurs in the males between 18 years to 55 years of age. If detected at an early stage, it can be cured through trivial cancer treatments, but if detected at a later stage or almost last age, then transplant is the only way out.
    Testes transplant is a new medical procedure, and so it is not performed that frequent currently. Being a new and restrictive procedure, not everyone qualifies for testes transplant. Only those patients qualify for this procedure which is in extreme need.


Testes Transplant
Surgical treatment is by far the most accepted technique for testes transplantation and is quite complex too. The complexity of this surgery comes with a large number of nerves and veins present along with the testes.

During testicle transplant surgery, the old testes of the male reproductive system are removed and replaced by the healthy testes from the donor. This surgery involves dealing with a lot of nerves and veins and hence is amongst the toughest medical surgeries known till date.

Testicle transplant comes with a lot of benefits and some of such advantages are listed below –

  • Successful testicle transplant allows individual to enjoy a better sex life.     
  • The quality of life of patients gets significantly improved after undergoing testes transplant. 
  • Patient’s confidence level increases and hence allows him or her to remain happy and satisfied.

Post-Transplant Care
Most of the patients are discharged within 7-10 days after the transplant. Doctors keep a strict check on patient’s diet and other parameters while he is in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after the surgery. When all the parameters start getting normal values and patient recovers at desired rate, he is discharged from the hospital.

Follow Up
Patients need to come to the hospital for regular check-ups and follow-up appointments after he is discharged from the hospital. Initially, the visits to the hospital will be quite frequent, but these visits will reduce automatically after a period of time. Regular and proper follow-ups help the patient recover fast and better.

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